Special Effects for Film and TV





DuraLast Products is the leading distributor of Natural Fiber Pads and Rolls. The media is constructed of coconut fibers and hogs hair and coated with a latex binder. DuraLast Products provides this specialized media to FX studios for multiple applications. Here are some examples of how DuraLast Products can help you.


The natural Fiber Media is perfect for imitating grass, moss, and tree canopies. It has been used in the creation of miniture scale models as well as backdrops and faux outdoor scenes. This is is an example of a miniture railroad scene where the media has been manipulated to look like tree tops.




The Hogs Hair media is constructed from thousands of fibers that are loosely bound together. This creates an uneven surface that prevents water from splashing. This splashing can create unwanted noise and standing water. Production companies use rolls of the filter to line the rooftops of sound stages to prevent the sound of rain while filming. Others use it in waterfall scenes so that water can be concentrated in the desired area.


Productions that have utilized the benefits of DuraLast’s Hogs Hair Filters include:
Las Vegas (2013)
Return to Oz (2013)
The Vampire Diaries (2009-Present) Drop Dead Diva (2009-Present)
A Christmas Carol (2009) Next (2007)
just to name a few.
Bay Watch (2106)
The Walking Dead (2015)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2014)


Available in Green, Blue, and Natural Brown.