PolyLast Air Filter

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Polylast Air Filters

The PolyLast Air Filter is a synthetic fiber air filter option to the DuraLast Natural Fiber Air Filter. Rigid enough to bend through tight spaces and return to its original shape, this self-framing reusable filter can save you time and money in a number of field applications. Because it depth loads through the entire pad, it will trap more dirt over a longer period of time and exceeds FMVS 302 requirements. Make your system more effective and efficient with the PolyLast Polyester Fiber Air Filter.


High Capacity - PolyLast Filters have a higher containment holding capacity than ordinary filters, making them nearly 3 times longer lasting.

Depth Loading - PolyLast Filters are engineered to load through their entire depth for increased dust-holding capacity.

Flame Retardant - Made from UL Class #2 Fire-Retardant materials. PolyLast Filters are produced to meet or exceed FMVSS302 transportation regulations.

Extra Rigid - Self-sealing edges permit full-size use of the filter, with no frame necessary.

Reusable - Easy to wash or vacuum, our filters are reusable.

Sturdy - PolyLast Filters can be stored indefinitely with no deterioration.

Anti-Microbial - Our filters have been treated to resist mold and mildew.

Customizable - We can design our filters to fit your needs (notch, angle-cut, etc). They come in various levels of size, thickness and stiffness. Filters can be trimmed to fit with a pair of household scissors.