DuraLast Products strives to improve the air quality for all of our clients. Operating out of Memphis Tennessee, DuraLast Products provides air filtration for a variety of applications. From residential air conditioning units to Industrial air filtration applications, DuraLast is a name you can trust to provide you with the appropriate air filter for your needs.


For over 50 years, DuraLast Products has been a pioneer in the air filtration market. We are the originators and developers of Permanent Washable Rigid Air Filters, also known as “Hogs Hair Filters.” Over the years, as the air filter market has changed, so have our products. While maintaining the proven “Hogs Hair” line of filters, we have expanded to include state of the art air filters that are comprised of 100% synthetic electrostatic media. From Pleated Filters to bulk filter media, it is our goal to provide our customers with products that are efficient, energy saving, and cost effective.


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