About Us

Based in Memphis, TN, DuraLast Products has been a leader in the air filter industry since 1958. We were one of the originators of the hog’s hair air filter, and our filters have been trusted by companies and individuals for decades. DuraLast Filters are known in the industry by their trademark green color. When you see green, you know you are looking at the highest capacity, longest lasting natural fiber filter on the market.


Other Air Filters produced by DuraLast Products include the PolyLast line of Polyester Fiber Air Filters, an alternative to the natural fiber filters, and an assortment of Customized Filter Products.

DuraLast also produces the Robin Hood Air Booster, a high-quality motorized duct fan that helps push air to hard-to-heat and cool rooms. The Robin Hood line is American made with the finest parts.


Recently, DuraLast Products has expanded its line of products to include Pleated Filters and Bag Filters. The Pleated Filters are designed for use as a primary filter or a pre-filter for high efficiency applications. The bag filters are cost effective, high efficiency filters with multiple pockets to increase surface area and filter life. Both types of filters are composed of a felt like electrostatic media made up of 100% synthetic fibers. DuraLast Products strives to meet the needs of the air filter market. Our sales executives are Certified Air Filter Specialists registered through the National Air Filtration Association. We are active members in the Memphis Minority Business Council and are a Certified DBE and WBE.

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