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The PolyLast Air Filter is a cost efficient, permanent 100% polyester fiber option that fits all forced air systems.

Standard Cut Sizes
DPF16 1"x16"x20" 12/Ctn.
DPF65 1"x16"x25" 12/Ctn.
DPF20 1"x20"x20" 12/Ctn.
DPF1 1"x20"x25" 12/Ctn.
Bulk Roll Filter Material
DPR20 1"x20"x36' 60sq. ft./Bag
DPR25 1"x25"x36' 75sq. ft./Bag
DPR28 1"x28"x36' 84sq. ft./Bag
DPR30 1"x30"x36' 90sq. ft./Bag

Also available in 2" sizes. For non-standard sizes contact factory.