DuraLast Natural Fiber Filter

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DuraLast Hog’s Hair Air Filter

Isn’t it about time you went green?

The DuraLast Hog’s Hair Air Filter is built for one thing and one thing only. To stop dirt. The premier natural fiber air filter on the market, the DuraLast Filter is a low cost, high capacity, washable/ reusable filter media with a variety of industrial air filtration and evaporative cooling applications.  by trapping more dirt, while allowing free air flow, the DuraLast Air Filter adds to the life of your equipment and allows your system to run efficiently.

The DuraLast Hogs Hair Air Filter is a low cost, permanent natural fiber option that fits all forced air systems. Here are some of the benefits of going green.

High Capacity DuraLast Filters have a higher containment holding capacity than ordinary filters (see specifications) making them nearly 3 times longer lasting.

Depth Loading DuraLast Filters are engineered to load through their entire depth for increased dust-holding capacity, with minimal increased static pressure.

Flame Retardant All Duralast Filters are UL Class 2 flame retardant. We can also produce filter media to comply with FMVS302 transportation requirements.

Extra RigidSelf-sealing edges permit full-size use of the filter, with no frame necessary.

Reusable Easy to wash or vacuum, our filters are reusable.

Sturdy While they are degradable in a landfill, DuraLast Filters can be stored indefinitely with no deterioration.

Anti-Microbial Our filters have been treated to resist mold and mildew.

Customizable We can design our filters to fit your needs (notch, angle-cut, etc). They come in various levels of size, thickness and stiffness. Filters can be trimmed to fit with a pair of household scissors.