Robin Hood Air Boosters

Cost effective comfort in every room Give your Central Heat and Air system a boost with the top air booster on the market. The Robin Hood Air Booster installs easily into your ducts to increase air flow to under served areas. This is an energy efficient, cost-effective way to make your home more comfortable year-round. All Robin Hood Air Boosters are made in the USA with top quality American components. Heavier gauged tubes, aluminum blades and electrical motors all come standard. Robin Hood Air Boosters are easy to install and come with a one-year system warranty Benefits: The Robin Hood Air Booster makes your heating and cooling system more effective by evening out airflow across the entire house. Offers additional free heating in the winter and free air conditioning in the summer Solves the problem of hard-to-heat or cool rooms Installation is easy, it fits any size or shape duct Adds up to 1500 CFM in the summer, which can mean 3.75 tons more air conditioning Can add an additional 113,000 BTUs of heat in the winter Applications: The Robin Hood Air Booster can be used in a number of applications

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